Have you been to a health food store lately?  It can be very overwhelming with all the choices available.  There are literally hundreds of herbal formulas available for any given issue.  So which one is right for you?

That’s where I come in.  As a Trained Herbalist, after assessing your health needs I match you up with the proper herbs.

Most if not all of my clients get a custom herbal formula to be taken as a infusion or tincture (drops). Each herb I select for you is expertly blended to restore health in your body.  The herbs I have in my dispensary are all grown by me at our farm, ethically wild crafted or sourced from local organic farmers.  Many of the herbs I have available are not sold in stores, and are only available to the public under the direction of a herbalist such as myself.

Many marketing companies have tried to convince us that we should all be taking some “magic pill” herbal formula that will change your life.  And it should be taken everyday forever.  Well, I just don’t buy it!

One of my teachers Dr.Terry Willard always said herbs “For a Reason and s Season” And I totally agree.

Herbs are meant to be used for specific health issues or to help your body to deal with seasonal changes.  What herbs you are taken should change as you change.  So as we work together you custom formula will be adapted and changed to meet your ever changing needs.  There is no one solution for everyone.

Herbal Medicine purchased in a pill form can be very convenient, and effective if you know what to look for.  There are so many factors.  OF course there is the herbal formula its self.  There there is the quality of the ingredients, the reliability of the brand and the dose in which it is given.  Again, you can rely on me to guide you through this.  I am in the know!  I continue to extensively research current brands and formulas, to ensure you are purchasing a high quality effective supplement.

“Why not just ask the person working at the store?” That is a good question!  And the answer is, it depends.  Many (Infact most) people working at the health food store have most (if not all) of their training through the product manufacturers.  *RED FLAG* So, what they believe to be true, and the information they are using to guide you in your choice is directly from the company trying to sell more of their product.  Talk about conflict of interest! Some people do have more extensive training, YAY for those helpful ones!  But even then, they don’t have the time to ask you all the pertinent questions, and do a health assessment.

All of this counselling is included in my Herbal Medicine & Health Coaching Sessions.  As an ongoing client, you are not only getting my one on one support, but also support by email, text, or phone call.  So if you have questions, you I’m just a text away! Don’t you wish you had a Herbalist in your pocket last time you were at the health food store?!


Medicine Garden Gabriola

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