Pulse and tongue diagnosis are two of the more important diagnostic tools in Chinese medicine. They are both used to derive a TCM diagnosis for your condition which is used to plan your treatment. Of the diagnostic tools, pulse diagnosis is one of the more important tools used in Chinese and Japanese acupuncture and herbal medicine. While tongue diagnosis provides valuable clinical information, the pulse can be used to gain a deep understanding of the patient on many levels. “Mastering” pulse diagnosis is difficult without the guidance of a skilled teacher. Even at basic levels, however, the pulse provides immediate and specific information that can help clarify contradictory diagnostic information and symptomology.

Pulse Diagnosis (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

In traditional Chinese medicine, pulse diagnosis is used to check a variety of functions. Primary among these are the condition of the patient’s blood and qi, an invisible type of life force or energy that travels through the body’s acupuncture meridians. Using pulse diagnosis, an acupuncturist can determine areas of the body that may have disruptions or blockages of qi, and may also be able to determine the condition of certain internal organs.

Pulse diagnosis is a quick, inexpensive, and noninvasive diagnostic tool. When performed by a trained professional, it can be an effective way of determining the health condition of a patient.

Tongue Diagnosis (Traditional Chinese Medicine)


Tongue diagnosis is a very traditional and effective method which has been used to diagnose diseases for over two thousand years. Knowledge of tongue diagnosis is one of the unique treasures of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).During TCM diagnosis we focus on the body of the tongue, the coating and any particular tastes the patient might experience.

Different regions of the tongue are related to different parts of the body, internal organs and channels.

Because of the relationship between the tongue and the body, your Chinese medicine practitioner can get valuable information about changes in the body and internal organs by observing your tongue.
The tongue coating is the layer over the tongue. A normal healthy coating should be white, thin, and allow the tongue body to be seen through the coating.

Did you know that the coating of your tongue changes according to your health? For certain bodies or certain cases the coating may change every week. It depends on condition of the body’s health.

TCM practitioners check the tongue, not only to find out which internal organs may be abnormal, but also to see the history and constitution of the body in relation to issues that may be arising.

Tongue diagnosis in Chinese medicine is an example of how the human body is interconnected, even a small part of the body can give important clues that reflect the whole condition of the body.

So, if you have any chronic health issues that cannot be solved, please visit your experienced Chinese medicine practitioner who will use tongue diagnosis to help solve your internal health issue.

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