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francis Wolokoff – Herbalist Nanaimo / Gabriola
(Soaring Cedar Woman)Francis Wolokoff’s passion is Herbal Medicine. She is a trained Herbalist & Head Honcho @ The Medicine Garden.

Her Medicine Name ( Which was given to her by and Elder Shaman) is Soaring Cedar Woman.  It tells of her strength, knowledge and Social Conscience.  Her many years of Training at Wild Rose College, over 10 years of professional practise and a life long connection to Natural Medicine have made her a Herbal Wonder and indispensable her clients locally and world wide. She helps people get their health back with one on one consultations on Gabriola Island (The Paradise where Francis lives) as well as by phone and Skype.  Her herbal product line is expertly fomulated for health and eco consious people (and animals!) If you are lucky enough to be in her area, she also teaches workshops!

Want To hear my Story? Well get some tea, because it's long!
Herbalism has been an active part of my life since I was very small. It saved my life as a child and continues to touch and enrich my life every day. As a child I had extreme chronic asthma that left several top MD specialists unsure how to treat me. My journey into the world of plant medicine or herbalism has guided my life. My mother worked in an office with a gentleman who new someone he thought that could help me, Dr Terry Willard. My mother inquired with the Wild Rose Clinic as to when she could book an appointment with Dr. Willard, but unfortunately he was going to be out of town. She was referred to an associate that could also help, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine.

My mother took me to see Dr. Tse and he prescribed Acupressure and Herbal supplements, in conjunction with Hypnotherapy. With nutrition, acupressure, herbs, and hypnotherapy, I was able to have a complete restoration of health and leave the worries and medication behind. It only took four months and with basic changes in my nutritional diet my asthma never returned to that severity.

In my early adulthood while studying Physiotherapy at the University of Manitoba I had a chance meeting with someone that brought me back to the practice of Herbal Medicine. With a renewed passion, I followed the information I had been given about a College of Natural Healing. It was indeed connected the very same clinic that my mother had taken me to as a child. The Wild Rose College founded and run by Dr. Terry Willard. It was at that time that I choose not to continue with my studies as a physiotherapist and begin studying to be a herbalist. Through my studies I learned a great deal about herbal medicine through Dr. Willard including many hours of practicum under his direction. I also had the pleasure of studying with many great teachers, including one of the great minds in the field, Blaine Andrusek.

During my studies at Wild Rose College I began feel the need to explore two modalities that I felt would add to my practice as a Herbalist. I began working with Hypnotherapy and Reiki energy work.

Through my diligent work I completed both programs during my studies at Wild Rose College. At the completion my Hypnotherapy course I had reached the highest level offered at Crystal Clear institute, Master Hypnotherapist. When I completed my studies of Reiki, I had reached the highest level of Reiki Master and teacher.

I came to a place in myself where I felt that I was ready to begin my own practice. I was honored to be offered a position as a practitioner at Wild Rose Clinic, and eventually took on the role of Dispensary manager as well. The position as dispensary manager taught me all the ins and outs of running a Wholistic Clinic and prepared me for the adventure that was soon to come! Through that practice I began to feel that I to wanted to create a space for healing in my own way, and was being drawn west! Following my intuition and desire I began looking to where I would set up this new practice. I had had spent some time on Vancouver Island in recent years and fell in love with it. When all was said and done my partner and I choose Ladysmith as our home. I thank the community for being so supportive, and am grateful to be able to provide a much needed service in this area. I would also like to thank Dr Willard for sharing his knowledge with me, and always being a mentor and source of inspiration.

From 2009 – 2016 I have run The Medicine Garden Wellness Centre, seeing clients, and turning my tried, tested and true herbal formulas and essential oils into our product line.

In 2016 we sold our Ladysmith Location, and moved to Gabriola Island. We have set up a herb farm and healing space on Gabriola, and will continue to expand our products, offer our services, and classes.

Did you know Francis is also a Web Designer? (That’s an odd combination I know!! But I just love how being online can connect you to anyone who needs you! I love to help others get themselves and their message out there)

My services:

Herbal Therapy



Past Life Regression

Angel Readings

Web Design and Digital Marketing

Reiki & Fertility

I feel like you were a really huge part of this healing process for me, without even knowing it. I’ve had an amazing pregnancy and I have you to thank for much of it. I just wanted to send my deepest thanks

Thank You

I want you to know that my opinion of you is that of a gentle, non-intrusive practioner that has the knowledge like that of a “walking computer”.You have given me guidance that has helped me with a number of problems that have resolved themselves due to your therapy. Thank you so much
Medicine Garden Gabriola

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