Essential Oils

Organic Essential Oils From beautiful Gabriola Island.

Therapeutic Quality, Pure & Sustainable

Francis Wolokoff, Master herbalist and Head Honcho at The Medicine Garden has curated the best selection of essential oils available.

What makes us so special? All of our oils follow these rules
1.Ecological and Sustainable Practices – must not damage the earth or surrounding community during the process of farming or distilling
2.No slave/child labor
3.No animal testing
4.The distiller and farm must have a thorough knowledge and practice of the correct time of day and season to harvest and distill essential oils for the best therapeutic effect
5. The Medicine Garden chooses oils that are Certified Organic, Wildcrafted, Pesticide-Free, or Select Farmed
6. The oil must be distilled at low temperature to maintain its therapeutic benefits
The Medicine Garden never uses oils that have been denatured, reconstituted or mixed with other chemical compounds
7. No genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
8. No artificial colors, oils or scents

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Medicine Garden Gabriola

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