Radient Facial Toner


Great for all skin types

Clarifying, revitalizing, and restoring.  This toner rejuvenates skin’s appearance by tightening pores and optimizing ph balance.


Hydrosols are a great boost of hydration for dry skin, cool you down during a hot flash, and are wonderful for extra hydration while traveling.   Hydrosols are created when essential oils are extracted from plants by means of steam distillation. They are aromatic flower waters, which retain all the beneficial components of the plant when it was alive and growing.

Organic Rose Hydrosol -Certified organic rose hydrosol (water) creates a soothing, alcohol-free toner that calms and balances skin and refines pores.

Organic Helechrysum Hydrosol –  Very anti-inflammatory, so it slows down aging and reduces redness.  Soothes rosacea, couperose (thread veins), and inflamed or irritated skin.

Organic Geranium Hydrosol – Rose Geranium hydrosol, like the essential oil, is balancing and harmonizing to the skin and emotions for all ages. It is indicated for sensitive, acneic, oily, dry and mature skin. It can be used in almost any cosmetic application: toners, compresses, masks, and moisturizers

Simply sprits on face to tighten pores and prepare skin for moisturizing.  Also is wonderful to spritz doing a hot flash, or during summer.  Can also be used with cotton ball to lightly clean face or remove excess debris after cleansing.

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